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My name is Maya but I'm also called Selva by some very close friends. I love being Selva. Will you be one of those who call me Selva?
My life started on January 21, 1986. I grew up alone without brothers and sisters. I was born in a Thai farmer family. My Mum and Dad worked sooo hard to give me a chance in life. I passed High School with good grades and I started University but my family didn't have money to support my Uni studies so I survived on what I could earn while working at a 7-11 after school hours. I had to skip my Uni ambitions after my third year. I had used most of my money paying my Unifees, I was sooo skinny and hungry that I couldn't take the pressure any longer. I decided to take a break from my studies and earn some money. I took a full time job at 7-11 and I had probably still been there if I hadn't met one of the Galore girls who persuaded me to start as a receptionist in their model agency. That was my best decision this far. I have now money on the bank and will be able to take up my Uni studies again. I'm not sure if I will continue my IT Engineer studies or pursue my interest in art and fashion.
I have during my years at Thai Models met many interesting men and women from all over the world. I am too short for being a fashion model but I couldn't resist the temptation to try it out, I mean being a model, after some of our customers had asked me over and over again if I could be a glamour model. I was shy like never before when I first showed my boobs in front of people I didn't know but it didn't take long time before I liked it and actually got addicted to it, not only showing my tits but also showing my entire naked body, including my well shaved, bald pussy.
After having worked a few times with Western porn models I started to fancy the same size of tits as them. My boobs were really small when I compared them with those I worked with and my nipples rarely stood out like theirs so I decided to use some of my money to get big boobs! That surgery was certainly a good career decision. I could work every day as a model nowadays. And i get better paid than before but I like my normal job at Thai Models so much and I don't really need the money any longer so I only shoot a few times per month (I still love the travels and I still love exploring my sexuality so any jobs involving something I never tried before are for sure jobs I say Yes to ha ha)
I have now money so I can choose who I date. Many of my former Uni friends are dating whoever they can get money from. I don't need to do that. I am independent, I am not rich but I have money enough to pay back all those years my family supported me and I can enjoy all those things I love in life; painting, traveling, nudism (when I'm in Europe that is) good food, wine and most of all, explore my sexual limits - if I have any ha ha.

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